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Dr. Nelson Bloom

The four-molecule cluster of the water generated by these machines helps me and my patients with daily protocols.

Audrey Sawaya

Drinking alkaline water gives me energy, glowing skin, and helps me stay at optimal health. I love the system!

Tom Dunigan

Alkaline water is an integral part of my family’s life. I drink pH 9.5 water when I go to the gym and it helps me recover faster. We make amazing coffee every morning with pH 9.0 water. We use the “clean” water (pH 7.0) to make formula for our 10 month old baby. But my favorite: we use Strong Alkaline (pH 11.5) to clean our 3 year old’s security blanket! The ability for Strong Alkaline to clean that small blanket is amazing. All we do is soak it in the water for about 20 minutes and it comes out with no odor and perfectly clean. I’ve never used detergent on that blanket because we have an SD501. We love it!

Marian Hall

Founder, Hattiesburg Water Store – Alkaline Water provides me the opportunity to help the masses spiritually, physically, and financially. Helping people rekindle their relationships with God or establish one with Him, gain their health back, and supplement their income has become the air I breathe daily and it is indeed priceless! We can be definitely become “free indeed” with Alkaline Water!!

Craig Palma

Empty pockets never held anyone back, only empty heads and empty promises can do that.

Gladys Miranda

When I came across alkaline water I became interested. My husband then said why in the world would we pay for water. After he sampled two gallons of the alkaline water he said “honey, I think we need to buy that machine!